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Box of Cigar Bands

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Box of Cigar Bands

James C. McComb Sinclair

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This beautifully illustrated book of more than 1,100 Victorian era cigar bands comes cased in a handsome presentation cigar box. The collection spans the time period from about 1880 to 1910, which was the “Golden Age” of German lithography and American and Cuban cigar band printing. These gilded and highly detailed bands illustrate U.S Presidents, European royalty, noted world personalities, and much more. This cigar band collection is shown exactly as it was displayed in the ledger of a young man born in Philadelphia in the late 1800′s. This rare time capsule is a visual delight for anyone leafing through its pages.

Size: 9″ x 6″ x 1 1/2″ | 744 color images | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780764349874 | Binding: hard cover


James is a collector, writer and historian. He lives with his wife, Ann and their daughter on their farm. James can be reached for questions and comments at:

“Box of Cigar Bands” is the most delightful form of book marketing I’ve seen. It’s worth buying the book just to get the box!”