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Boston Below

Joseph R. Votano and Karen E. Hosking

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Every day, roughly 720,000 people from all walks of life use the four lines of the Boston MBTA subway system: Red, Green, Blue, and Orange. The T, as it's known, is a vital link to living, working, or visiting in Boston. The subway system acts as the city's arteries. It includes 28 underground and 80 above-ground stations. Over 145 compelling art photographs explore the T-riders, their behavior, their actions when waiting for or riding a train, and their response to the chaotic push of rush hour. With a keen eye, both the T's infrastructure and its many stations with their varied architecture, artwork, and physical layouts are captured. With the first tunnel excavation begun in 1895 and the last station completed in 1985, there is plenty of variation to explore. Interestingly, this volume also offers a rarely seen glimpse of how the trains are kept operational in several maintenance facilities. Here is a fascinating visual journey through one of the nation's oldest subway systems. Whether you are a regular subway rider, a fan of photography, a train enthusiast, or a people watcher, there is something here for you.

Size: 12" x 9" | 150 color photos | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764345425

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Joseph Votano is a free-lance photographer who has been photographing the city of Boston, MA for many years. His published works include several European photo-travelogues and a major photo work on Boston, Boston and Cape Ann, which he co-authored with Leslie Wood of USPhotoGroup. His images have been published in Prestige Travel Hong Kong, Michelin Travel Guides, Aishti Magazine (Middle East), and Boston.com. Karen Hosking is free-lance photographer as well as a Clinical Psychologist who has worked in hospital settings and in private practice. She has lived in the Boston area for over 35 years and is very familiar with the Boston subway system. She has photographed in a variety of places and genres, including landscape, architectural, creative and fine art, with a particular emphasis in black and white photography.