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Book Cover Designs

Matthew Goodman , Foreword by Nicole Caputo

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Browse more than 500book cover designs and listen to more than 50 of today’s top designers discuss their process for creating the perfect book cover. Award-winning creative professionals fromaround the world have applied astonishingly clever cover concepts that playslyly on titles and themes of international bestsellers, both classic andmodern, adding new dimensions to the books and breathing new lifeinto bright ideas. Literature lovers and graphic illustrators of all types, aswell as book design students and professionals, will relish thisinspiring collection of covers of fiction and nonfiction, history and sciencebooks, novels and short stories, from old favorites to popular 21st-centurytitles. For future designers looking for inspiration, as well as hopeless coverlovers, Book Cover Designs is a must-have design reference for any collection. Feelfree to judge these books by their covers.

Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ | 518 color photos | 224 pp
ISBN13: 9780764350160 | Binding: soft cover


Matthew lives with his wife, Christy, and their two sons. He works for SchifferPublishing and has been designing books for more than ten years. While at Schiffer he saw an opportunity to design the book he always envisioned. With some research and help from many professionals in the industry today that book is finally here. His work can be viewed at www.publishingdesigner.com.