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Bombshell: The Pin-Up Art of John Gladman

John Gladman

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Indulge yourself with this stunning collection of pin-ups! The art of pin-up glorifies the female form, and John Gladman celebrates beautiful girls from all walks of life. He has a refreshing, timeless style, bringing back the art of the tease at a time when innocence has been lost. Glamour and art meet photography to create John’s recognizable and unique look. His imagery is tasteful yet sexy, stirring up sensuality and allure. He has revered and admired the female form throughout his life span, learning posing from the great artists of the past, paying attention to every detail during posing from the hand placement, the arch of the back, to the expressions and nuances, creating an art piece that appears as natural happenstance. John has a modern flair mixed with vintage themes honoring the classic era of the mid-twentieth century.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 152 color images | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780764350559

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It all started several years ago when John Gladman decided to pursue his true passion – pin-ups! He was one of the few photographers who turned his studio into the niche of being a full-time pin-up studio.  Gladman holds these PPA degrees: Master of Photography, Master Artist, Photographic Craftsman & Excellence in imaging. John earned Kansas Photographer of the Year six times. In 2013, he became a Kansas Honorary life member. Among his numerous awards, the most mentionable include twenty-six loan collection prints, eighteen Fuji Masterpiece awards, and fourteen Kodak Gallery awards. Gladman’s philosophy is to capture the soul of his subject and bring it to life in print format rather than digital.