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Beetle Boddiker

Beetle Boddiker

Priscilla Cummings . Illustrated by Marcy Dunn Ramsey

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Age level: Early Readers: Ages 5-8


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Beneath the back steps, by a rock in the shade, Beetle Boddiker lives in the house that he made. A jumble of sticks and a tumble of leaves, It’s a simple bug house. But don’t step on it, please! Beetle Boddiker is a tiny beetle who rarely leaves home. But one day he needs to be brave and venture forth across the great jungle of a lawn and the ocean of rocks in the driveway to visit his brother, Nevins, who lives in a rusty tin can across the street. Join Beetle Boddiker on an adventure that is not to be missed. Early reader–ages 5-8.

Size: 9″ x 9″ | 23 color illustrations | 30 pp
ISBN13: 9780870336027 | Binding: hard cover