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Beautiful Creatures Tarot

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Beautiful Creatures Tarot

J.r. Rivera , artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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Visit a mystical and exotic world where all your questions, big or small, complex or simple, are answered with the utmost love, honestly, and clarity. Enjoy 80 beautiful and sublime Tarot cards (including 2 extra Wild cards) depicting mythical and legendary creatures as they guide you to a place where all problems are left far behind and faith and positive energy in life are restored. Playful, serious, and friendly, these childlike creatures will aid and entice you to discover the answers you have been seeking through diverse messages found in the comprehensive companion guide, which is simple to understand and learn. Explore your intuition and endless possibilities for solutions to quandaries within your life. Don’t shy away from these beautiful creatures; come into their world and lose yourself within their authenticity. Features 10 Tarot layouts. Foreword by renowned Tarot author, Barbara Moore.

Size: 6″ x 9″ | 80 art cards | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764347757 | Binding: box set


J.r. Rivera had been reading Tarot and oracle decks since the age of 13. His very first Tarot deck (which he still owns andcherishes) was gifted to him by his mother and grandmother after experiencing his first haunting premonition. On Samhain day,he holds his own mini rituals to stay in contact with departed souls by the use of his Tarot cards. Apart from reading Tarot andoracle decks, he had collected over 300 decks. An avid dog lover and tri-lingual (English, Spanish, and French), J.r. holds his degree in Communications specializing in Journalism with a minor in French language studies. You can find and keep in touch with J.r. Rivera in Tarot groups such as Tarotholics Anonymous via Facebook, where he has a huge rapport and promotes decks frequently to his collector and reader colleagues or you may contact him at his website http://jrrivera.weebly.com/.Jasmine Becket-Griffith is a traditional acrylic painter, combining elements of realism with fantasy and the surreal. Historical and spiritual references are intertwined with fairytales and the beauty of nature. Her trademark liquid-eyed maidens evoke a wide range of emotions and responses to the surrounding imagery. It is her goal to bring a bit of magic and intrigue to the mundane world with every painting! Jasmine’s images appear in many books and in magazines, as well as countless merchandising lines, such as the Bradford Exchange, the Hamilton Collection, dolls with Ashton-Drake and her lines with Disney. Her paintings appear in public and private collections throughout the world. Jasmine was born in 1979 and began showing her work professionally in 1997. She is a full-time painter and lives in Celebration, Florida, with her husband/assistant, Matt, and their cats. Her primary gallery is Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World in Florida; her Disney art can be seen at WonderGround Gallery at Disneyland in California, and her website is www.strangeling.com. You can follow Jasmine’s daily posts and works in progress at her Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/strangeling