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Barbershops of America: Then and Now

Rob Hammer

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There’s no feeling in the world like a fresh shave. Experience the nostalgia of a new haircut with every turn of the page as you traverse the 50 states in this never-before-seen look at the barbershops of old. Chronicling commercial photographer Rob Hammer’s 7-year journey across the country, this documentation of both historical and “next generation” barbershops offers a rare insight into the stories of men who spent their lives at the center of their communities. The photographs within offer a unique look into the world of traditional barbershops throughout America, whose legacies, reputations, and histories are now synonymous with the red, white, and blue poles that you can still see outside their front doors today. Discover the stark contrast between barbers of the past and those of the present as you follow each individual’s common passion for a tradition that has fueled the barbershop business for decades.

Size: 11" x 8 1/2" | 508 color & b/w images | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764359286

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Rob Hammer is a commercial photographer based in San Diego, California, most known for his dramatic images of professional athletes. The camera has taken him to all 50 states of the USA, as well as over 20 international countries. When not on assignment, Rob spends most of his time traveling the country by car with his dog Mojo documenting various aspects of American culture.