Astrology’s Hidden Aspects: Quintiles and Sesquiquintiles

Dusty Bunker

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Presented for the first time, full interpretations of the astrological quintiles and the sesquiquintiles using the ten traditional planets and the Ascendant. In this groundbreaking book, astrologer Dusty Bunker reveals the importance of the 72° quintile and the 108° sesquiquintile, two previously ignored astrological aspects, which the Egyptians called the “sacred golden bowls.” With information gathered over thirty years through studying esoteric numbers, sacred geometry, Masonic manuscripts, religious texts, Egyptian symbols, and much more, Dusty shows why these aspects should be considered among the most important in the lexicon of astrologers because they reveal your hidden talents and your legacy, your path to fame! With a dusty map in hand, travel from the cosmic birth of the quintiles and the sesquiquintiles to the sand-covered site where these golden-bowl aspects have remained hidden all these years. This important reference book should be part of every astrologer’s library.

Size: 6" x 9" | 36 b/w illustrations | 208 pp
ISBN13: 9780764355431

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Dusty Bunker, astrologer, numerologist, and author of nine books, has worked with thousands of clients for over thirty years. She wrote for Time-Life Books’ Mysteries of the Unknown, Mademoiselle Magazine, and consulted with the AMC mini-series, The Prisoner. Her fascination with the mysteries of life began when she first became aware of the heavens. As a child she would look up at the starry sky and wonder . . . how big is it? . . . how far does it go? . . . how can it not end? She has been mentally exploring ever since. In addition to her non-fiction books, she wrote a metaphysical mystery series: One Deadly Rhyme, The Two-Timing Corpse, and Three O’Clock’s Dark Night.