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Art from Above: New Hampshire

Art from Above: New Hampshire

Christopher S. Gibbs

Available November 2020


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Follow a drone photographer’s whirlwind journey through New Hampshire—4,600 miles in 19 days—through dazzling aerial shots from rugged mountains to provincial towns. While New Hampshire’s breathtaking natural beauty has been well documented, Chris Gibbs offers us a new, bold, and at times dizzying view of the Granite State in nearly 200 photos. Walls of fog rolling through sunlit fields; bright, colorful islands surrounded by dark waters; railroad tracks disappearing into a blue horizon—Gibbs’s photos go beyond the limitations of traditional regional photography not only in form, but content, expanding from the typical “peeping season” photos New Hampshire is known for. To know the culture of New Hampshire is to know its landscapes—it is a place where nature rules and people live their lives in the inescapable embrace of its power and beauty. Join Chris on his aerial tour and see it anew.

Size: 10″ x 8″ | 197 color images | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764359620 | Binding: hard cover


A lifelong lover of aviation and art, it is no surprise that Chris would be drawn to aerial/drone photography. He is an FAA Certified Remote Pilot, avid fisherman, road warrior, Eagle Scout, aviation geek, and hired gun who operates commercially with his fleet of drones (Sheila, Betsy, Joan, Sigrid, Lilly, and Ruth) under the name Renegade Airlines, and as a contract test pilot commanding emerging aerial platforms and next-generation imaging systems. When hes not cruising the highways and byways, dirt roads, and cart paths of America or suffering the conditions of the wilds, Chris divides his time between Boston and Cape Cod, where he sells his art prints and acrylics. (See more of his photography at www.renegadeairlines.com.) Chris was born and raised in Granby, Connecticut, and graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in English literature.