Antoinette the Tree Frog

Géraldine Elschner, illustrated by Xavière Devos

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Age level: Picture Book: Ages 0-6


While Antoinette the tree frog is napping, the painter Monsieur Claude loses his hat in the breeze. Adventure unfolds when a magpie snatches the hat. Part of the First Steps in Art series, this whimsical tale introduces toddlers to fine art and the works of Claude Monet. The water lily painting Nymphéas, effet du soir, invites young readers to discover it at the Marmottan Museum and take a walk in the painter’s garden in Giverny! Water lilies and tree frogs await you there.

Size: 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" | 7 color images | 14 pp
ISBN13: 9780764361104

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After translating many children’s books, Géraldine Elschner began to write her own texts in which art and history occupy a large place. Around 50 titles have been published in both German and French and translated into around 20 languages, including Antoinette the Tree Frog, part of the First Steps in Art series. Xavière Devos was born into a family of artists and began studying art at the age of fifteen. She spends her time between decorative objects, painting, and illustration, including several children’s books.