Antique Glass End of Day Marbles

Stanley A. Block

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Nearly 900 beautiful color photographs display End of Day antique glass marbles produced, by glass artists after hours to prove their skill, during handmade marble's "Golden Age," from the mid-1880s through c. 1918. End of Day Cloud, English style, Joseph's Coat, and Onionskin marbles are presented in abundance. Among them are Paneled, Ribbon, Lobed, Shrunken Core, Mist, Submarine, and End of Cane examples, some featuring aventurine, lutz, or mica. As a bonus, examples of antique glass handmade marble Clearies, Lightning Strikes, Micas, Mosaics and Millefioris, Opaques and Semi Opaques, Paperweights, Patches, and Slags are also displayed. Rounding out this valuable resource are a glossary, bibliography, index, and tables providing current market values.

Size: 9" x 12" | 899 color photos | Price Guide | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764316302

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Stanley A. Block began collecting marbles in the 1960s. He founded the Marbles Collectors Society in 1975. He is also the author of several additional books on marbles published with Schiffer Publishing.