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Animals Impacting the World

Dinah Roseberry and Mary Gasparo

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Animals impact our world – and us – everyday, in countless ways. Here, find 33 stories told by people who have felt incredible connections with their animal companions. See how children with autism have found saviors in their animal friends in ways that positively affected their disability. Swim with dolphins, as one artist did, to find the meaning of life. Run with the Speedwell Wolves, housed in a Pennsylvania sanctuary to learn how people/animal associations are not always wise. Visit with the Dolly Llama, mistress of a petting zoo, to find that she is not just another pretty face. Go to Gettysburg for a dog's last hurrah. Find out about cat ladies, a dog who rings for service, an amazing escaping rabbit, and what it's like to interact with a butterfly. Included are instructions for you to become an animal communicator, pendulum, animal healing guidance, and information about pet grieving – not yours, but your pet's! Animals are making an impact! Now you can make an impact by connecting with them!

Size: 6" x 9" | 60 color images | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764342370

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Dinah Roseberry and Mary Gasparo are no strangers to the world of animals, both having been personal witnesses to the impact that the animal kingdom can have on the individual and the masses. Dinah has written Psychic Pets: Solving Paranormal Mysteries.