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Animal Life: Nature Mandala Coloring Book

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Animal Life: Nature Mandala Coloring Book

Timothy Phelps

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The meditative mandalas in this coloring book celebrate the amazing biodiversity in nature: the myriad shapes and colors found in animals and the varied habitats and ecosystems in which they live. Explore real and imagined specimens that live in treetops, sweeping grasslands, lush tropical forests, shimmering waters, and colorful reefs in this riff on the natural world. White spaces in each sketch allow artists to be creative, drawing in their own unique dots, dashes, doodles, stripes, and squiggles. Using a variety of markers, watercolors, or gel pens selectively or in any combination, armchair artists are invited to focus their thoughts and unleash their creativity.

Size: 9″ x 9″ | 31 b/w images | 56 pp
ISBN13: 9780764352782 | Binding: soft cover


Tim Phelps loves all things “hot rod” and “natural science,” and findsways to combine them in his mandala coloring books. A professor andmedical illustrator, Tim has been teaching and illustrating for 30 years inthe Graduate Program of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins inBaltimore. He has received over 40 regional and national awards for hisartwork published in textbooks, magazines, and professional journals.Projects have included multiple books on pathology dissection; head and neck, orthopedic, and cardiac surgery; and illustrations for Dog World and Cat Fancy magazines. He is the author of Up in Flames: The Art of Flame Painting and author and artist of the two-volume set of books: Nature Mandalas: Wonders of the Garden and Nature Mandalas: Wonders of the Earth, Wind, and Sea. He received the Max Broedel Award for Excellence in Education from Association of Medical Illustrators in 2015.