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America’s Outback: An Odyssey through the Great Southwest

America’s Outback: An Odyssey through the Great Southwest

John Annerino

Available July 2021


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Hopi traditional elder Thomas Banyacya once described the American Southwest as “the spiritual center of our continent.” Author, photographer, and adventurer John Annerino retraces ancient trails to show us why this is so. Through recent and historical photos, essays, and literary quotes, he takes us across what the Spaniards often feared as despoblados, or unknown lands, from Old Mexico to the Four Corners of ancient cities, painted deserts, and trilingual cultural landscapes—some of the most inaccessible land on the continent. Juxtaposed with tales of his own perilous excursions, the book contains oral histories and remarkable images of terrain that few of today’s tourists have ever seen. Told from a current point of view, this throwback to the days of Geronimo and Navajo headman Manuelito will appeal to adventurers, historians, and those interested in the mesmerizing mystique of our own American outback.

Size: 9 1/8″ x 8 1/8″ | 62 color and b/w images | 112 pp
ISBN13: 9780764361876 | Binding: hard cover


John Annerino is a photographer and author of photography_x000D_ books, photographic essays, and calendars of the American West and Old_x000D_ Mexico. His work has appeared in Time, LIFE, the New York Times, Scientific_x000D_ American, Travel & Leisure, and National Geographic Adventure, among other publications. His map “The Grand Canyon Explored” is on display at the Grand Canyon_x000D_ National Geographic Visitor Center. John has dedicated his life to_x000D_ photographing, researching, and writing about endangered landscapes, native peoples, western cowboys, and Spanish traditions. In his_x000D_ quest to explore the Grand Canyon’s and Great Southwest’s mythic_x000D_ landscapes and secret places by foot, raft, rope, camera, and pen, John_x000D_ has climbed hallowed peaks, rafted wild and scenic rivers, traversed_x000D_ deep chasms and painted deserts, and traced ancient Indian, missionary,_x000D_ and pioneer trails.