All the Garden's a Stage: Choosing the Best Performing Plants for a Sustainable Garden

Jane C. Gates

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Enjoy discovering the hows and whys behind growing a beautiful garden through 293 color images. From learning the profiles of each individual plant and their basic needs to maintaining a garden community, this book offers a fun and whimsical approach to developing your green thumb. You'll learn how to choose the right plants for growing your best garden. Think of it as staging a theatrical production, with tips for lighting, temperature, drainage, and developing a sustainable landscape. The text is entertaining, with easy-to-remember facts and suggestions for putting on the best garden show ever. This book is great for both the beginner and seasoned gardener, landscape artists, horticulturalists, and everyone who just loves looking at beautiful flowers and plants.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 293 color photos & 40 plans | Index | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780764339790

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Jane Gates is a writer, artist, garden designer, and landscape contractor. She has worked as a horticulturalist in nurseries and garden shops, has designed sets and costumes for theater, and has shown her paintings in galleries and museums all over the world.