African Fabric Design

Shirley Friedland & Leslie Pi€a

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The fabrics here are African designs, made primarily in Africa, commercially, rather than by traditional methods. Most are contemporary, made of cotton; though varieties of rayon, wool, a blend, or synthetic also are present, as well as fabric with metallic thread or surface embellishment. Many examples are printed adaptations of traditional woven textiles, because the pattern and color and their effect are the essential qualities. This volume, arranged visually with a focus on design, color, and pattern, is a pictorial survey, which includes examples of simple, bold two and three-color designs, stripes, grid formats, and overall geometric patterns. The pictures serve as reference and inspiration to artists, designers, and all involved with fashion and fabric. The companion volume, African Prints, complements the designs featured in this book.

Size: 11" x 8 1/2" | 233 color photos | 112 pp
ISBN13: 9780764308314

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Leslie Pi€a, Ph.D., is a well-known author and authority on twentieth-century decorative arts. Shirley Friedland has collected unusual and exotic fabrics and created fashions with them all her life.