About Time: Celebrating Men's Watches

Ivar Hauge Line

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This celebration of high-end men's wristwatches is a collection of essays, timelines, and more than 250 color photographs. Aimed at collectors, watch enthusiasts, and anyone with an interest in fashion, the book ranges from in-depth looks at specific models, including classics and contemporary timepieces, to overviews of pilot's watches, diver's watches, and other watches developed for various purposes. Short essays and timelines take a look at pop culture, including topics such as cars and watches, watches in space, watches in films, famous advertising campaigns, and celebrities and their timepieces. Learn about today's customized watches, smart watches, and a watch that shows the time in words only. Featured watch brands include Audemars Piguet, Omega, Rolex, IWC, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Tag Hauer, and more. The author also presents his top 10 list for the ultimate watch collector.

Size: 8 1/4" x 8 1/4" | 255 color images | 240 pp
ISBN13: 9780764349058

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When he was 15 years old, Ivar Hauge Line discovered one of his greatest passions: watches. Over the years, as a collector, he has become part of a large network of manufacturers, watchmakers, and other enthusiasts. Ivar visits watchmakers and shops across the globe and attends the world’s largest watch show in Switzerland each year; Baselworld. Today, he is part-owner of a watch-distributor company, Watchline, and the happy owner of more than 250 wristwatches.