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A Legacy in Tramp Art

Clifford A. Wallach

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In over 600 color photos, this book presents historical images and introduces newly discovered artists of tramp art, complete with their known biographies. Made from society's discards, primarily wooden cigar boxes and wooden crates, tramp art is the story of the common man, unschooled in the arts, taking a simple tool to carve a legacy from the heart for all of us to enjoy and celebrate. The engaging text tells the personal stories of the creators of tramp art, including Augustus "Gus" Wynn, Levi Fisher Ames, Adolph Vandertie, John Kozimor, Robert Louis Kosmerl, Carl Briston, Ernest Huber, and Charles Mikkelsen. Also discussed are the collectors who cherished and brought tramp art into their lives. Examples of this unique art form include boxes, picture frames, miniature houses, and carousels that are marvels of meticulous detail. For anyone with a passion for folk art, this book will be a much-treasured addition to their library.

Size: 9" x 12" | 630 color & 10 b/w photos | 224 pp
ISBN13: 9780764341069

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Clifford A. Wallach has written two previous books on tramp art. He and his wife Nancy have dedicated their lives to researching, writing, and collecting tramp art made as early as the 1870s but only discovered as an art form in 1959.