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A Guide to Building Natural Swimming Pools

Michael Littlewood

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This book is specifically designed for those interested in creating natural swimming pools. It covers all stages, from understanding the system, management, excavation, lining, walling, plumbing, electrical, planting, structures, and last but not least, the maintenance, to ensure a successful project. Comprehensive information is presented in an easy to understand style with many illustrations showing methods of building. These are supported by the helpful inclusion of detailed scaled drawings, a plant guide with hardiness zones, and other useful information. The techniques will provide confidence to tackle the project and on completion give a huge sense of satisfaction and many hours of enjoyment.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 286 color and b/w photos | 256 pp
ISBN13: 9780764350832

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Michael Littlewood is a natural landscape architect and environmental planner with extensive experience of successfully designing and implementing sustainable land use projects. His mission has been the introduction of ecological design and planning into the mainstream and is founded on years of practice in a wide variety of situations, landscapes, climates and uses of land for public and private amenities on scales ranging from the residential garden to a village or town. His first book on Natural Swimming Pools has been highly commended. He has had extensive teaching experience at universities and colleges in the UK and abroad. In his work Michael has been guided by a belief in the necessity and value of working in harmony with nature, to a philosophy and design approach rooted in the permaculture ethics of integrating earth care with people care to the increased benefit of both.