A Cruise Ship Primer: History & Operations

Craig A. Munsart

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Cruise ships, the largest moving man-made objects, can be almost a quarter-mile long, as tall as a 25-story building, and can be largely self-contained cities of perhaps 8,000 people. With 172 photographs and illustrations, the cruise ship is examined; its planning, construction, operation, and ultimate fate. This behind-the-scenes look examines the concept, development, and construction of vessels, what makes them work, and how, as well as ship operations. More than 240 ships are highlighted as the cruise ship's history is traced from its origins through to its future projections. This book is a great resource for designers, architects, shipbuilders, and the cruise ship passenger. Read it before you board and take it along when you sail.

Size: 11" x 8 1/2" | 172 | 256 pp
ISBN13: 9780870336386

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Craig A. Munsart has multiple college degrees in Architecture and Geology, as well as his Colorado teacher certification. He had long careers in petroleum exploration and as a teacher in public school education at the college, high school, and middle school levels; he is now retired. His interest in large passenger vessels began during his childhood in New York City, observing the historic liners of the 1950s. He has authored five teacher resource books on a variety of subjects and, when not cruising, lives with his wife in Golden, Colorado, and is lucky enough to be close to his children and grandchildren in other Denver suburbs.