A Course in Tarot: In-Depth Training, Exercises, Questions with Answers

Eleanor Hammond, MM

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The Tarot provides accurate insight into emotions, life events, relationships, career and money matters, family situations, and more. In this course, you will find easy-to-understand techniques to apply the wisdom of the Tarot to your life with any deck you choose. Because everyone will be at different learning stages, the lessons cover the basics all the way through to the deepening influences for seasoned readers. Taking a different approach than other course books, this program instructs students to comprehend in simple terms where each Tarot card originates and how to make personal links to each card. Once you identify how to connect the 78 cards to your life, you will find that you’ve already experienced each circumstance described in the Tarot, which makes it simple to read the cards. Included are exercises, an in-depth reading look-up sheet, test questions with answers, and even instructions on how to create your own deck. For use with any Tarot deck and appropriate for all skill levels.

Size: 6" x 9" | 200 pp
ISBN13: 9780764356087

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Eleanor Hammond, MM, is a sought-after teacher of tarot who does readings worldwide. She created the world’s first My First Tarot series of decks that show eight situational meanings on each card: My First Tarot and My First Relationship Tarot. Eleanor lives in Mount Isa, central Australia, with her husband, teenagers, happy dogs, chooks (chickens for those people that don’t speak "Aussie"), fish, and a large weekly grocery bill.