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Children's Submission Guidelines

Over the years we have had the privilege and pleasure of meeting hundreds of people with wonderful ideas for new books. For many of them, writing a book was only a far-off dream, something they hoped to do someday. With our encouragement they went on to produce a beautiful, useful addition to the literature in their field.

New ideas and authors are the lifeblood of what we do here. We have gathered a team of people who will do everything they can to make the concept of a book become a reality.

If you are one of those people who always dreamed of writing a book, we would love to hear from you. Below are guidelines for submission:

Email us at OR send a package to: Book Proposals, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310. (Include a SASE if you’d like your materials back):

      Please include all of the following information:
      Contact Information
      Mailing Address: (please include the street address for use by UPS or FedEx)
      Home Phone:
      Cell Phone:
      Work Phone:
      Email Address:
      Social Media Handles:

      Book Concept:
      Proposed Title:
      Elevator Pitch: This is a _(what it is you are creating)_ that does _(the purpose of the project)_ for _(who is the audience)__ because _(why the audience will want it)__.
      What is the basic idea of the book you are proposing? What we need is a brief description—100 words or less—enough to let us know what you are thinking, but not more than you wish to reveal at this early stage of conversation.
      What is your background in the field? (Author Bio)
      What are the reasons to believe in this project?  What about the subject matter will draw readers? Why are you the right person to write this book?
      Who is your target reader? What is their reading level? What is the proposed age range? What is the demographic? Who is the market?
      What are the benefits and features? What does the reader gain from reading your book? What is the important message? Does it solve a problem? How does it relate to STEAM/SEED topics?
      Why are you writing this book? What is your goal?

      A Look at the Content:
      What are your desired specs for the project? Do you have a trim size or page count in mind?
      Text: Include the entire text you are proposing.
      Approximate word count: What is your estimated word count for the project?
      Illustrations: What is the number of pictures/illustrations you would like to include?
      Illustrator: If you do not have an illustrator, do you have one in mind? What type of illustration best fits your text?
      Storyboard: Include a storyboard showing the text and the placement of the illustrations within the text, either using sketches of those illustrations or explanations of the desired artwork. Also include at least one sample of finished art.               

      Marketing and Competition:
      Whom do you see as your competition? (list specific titles if possible)
      How is your idea different? (What separates this from other offerings? Why is it unique?)
      Have you authored other books? Did you receive any reviews or endorsements?
      Who will help you promote and sell your book? What organizations, clubs, guilds, or other groups are you involved with?
      How many people follow your work?
      Who are your followers and how do they follow you? (social networks, blogs, newsletters)
      How does the book fit into your business plan, brand, and sales strategy?
      Do you plan on selling copies of your own book? If so, where? List festivals, school visits, etc.
      Reach: Where do you see your book being reviewed, marketed, and sold?

      Why Schiffer:
      Why did you choose to submit your project to Schiffer?

      If there is interest in your proposal, we will contact you to set up a phone appointment. Please note that due to the volume of submissions received, it may take up to 12 weeks for us to contact you.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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